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What I packed-Girls Getaway

girls-getaway-naples-florida girls-getaway-naples-floridagirls-getaway-naples-florida girls-getaway-naples-florida
It was so nice to get out of the daily grind and on a plane with my girlfriends for a mini-vacay!  The girls and I headed to Naples, FLA last week for some sun, sights, shopping and of course some relaxation!  The only problem? I am the W-O-R-S-T at packing.  I am that girl that brings tons of bottoms and no tops or forgets that essential strapless bra and hopes that someone has brought a spare (sorry girls).

So, this time, I thought I would take a moment to plan it out.  When I stared to pack, I realized I purged a lot of my summer wardrobe (most of it was trendy inexpensive pieces that were no longer fashionable or looked worn) So, this past weekend I went to my local Old Navy for some last minute summer essentials!  Because of the deals, I was able to get a whole new wardrobe that didn’t break the bank!
Here is what I Snagged:
 Last month, I also grabbed these two One-Piece Swimsuits from Asos

Quick Packing Tips

Stick to a basic colour palette of neutrals and then pick a handlful colourful pieces to weave into your outfits.
Roll everything in your suitcase, it’s a great space saver and you can see everything in a glance.

Here is a quick peak into some of my suitcase

Bon voyage!
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    July 5, 2015 at 7:17 pm

    I’m totally the same way. Somehow on my last trip to Las Vegas, I packed just enough underwear and almost ran out. Like, it really doesn’t take up much space but I should have packed more! haha

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