Upgraded Kitchen Essentials

Finally, after over 6 years of living in our home,  I have been slowly overhauling our kitchen essentials. Originally, we were on a serious budget and needed everything so it’s clear we went the cheap route.  Fast forward to today, we have a bucket of things that are broken or useless and it was time to figure it out.   This time around I knew I wanted to be thoughtful replacing what we needed. Each item needed to be efficient (and of course look great) so I knew exactly where I was headed,

 My kitchen is all white with a faux marble backsplash and quartz counter, so I wanted to keep within that colour scheme and only get things that would aesthetically match the space.  I was to find a huge selection of kitchen essentials that were draw-droppingly beautiful within my budget. Plus, with hundreds of reviews, it’s nice to know that even the beautiful kitchen essentials actually work!

So, this post I am sharing with you some of the items I have already purchased with my prime account and a few that are next up on the list to get shipped to my door in two days.

Kitchen Essentials I Have Bought on


Kitchen Essentials I Will Be Buying Next on


What are your kitchen essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

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