style story….Canadian eh?

Only 11 days until the 2014 Sochi Olympics ! Here are some great finds to cheer on  and rep. The Great White North.
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1. OLYMPIC COLLECTION Striped Mittens Hudson’s Bay 11 CAD ($10)

2. Tory Burch Tilsim Logo Heart Stud 76 CAD ($68)

3. Hudson’s Bay Canada Hat $12

4. Sheriff&Cherry G0008 Aviator Olympic Sunglasses $175

5. OLYMPIC COLLECTION Sochi 2014 Rally Beaver Scarf $25

6. OLYMPIC COLLECTION Sochi 2014 Henley Shirt $45

7.  Canada Sock Urban Outfitters $8

8.Red and White Snowflake Fairisle Brushed Leggings $8.25 Sold out Similar

9. OLYMPIC COLLECTION Sochi 2014 Women’s Wool Duffle Coat Hudson’s Bay $275

10. OLYMPIC COLLECTION 2014 Snow Top Red Mittens $10

11. Jack Wills Book Bag $23

12. Kinto Mugtail Moose $33 (£20)

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