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Thank you to for collaborating on today’s post and helping me share my ideas for brightening up my backyard.

Even though we spent the long weekend at our friends cottage, this weekend we are kicking it in our backyard! The patio furniture is ready to go but the details are still missing and it looks like it will be my project this Sunday. I still need to snag some perennials for the planters and some updated cushions, but the thing that really makes the space so warm and inviting is the lighting. We love enjoying our deck after a long day at work or afternoon BBQ that continues past sundown so lighting is also essential.  And I think we can all agree some of the best ways to decorate an outdoor space involves lighting!  So, with our patio in the works this weekend I teamed up with to set up our backyard for the summer!

From Laterns and Tiki Torches to String and Garden Lights, adding layers of lighting really sets your outdoor space apart. This past week, I have browsed the Outdoor Lighting and picked out some great options to order that will create some ambiance in our backyard this summer.

Last year we updated our wall lights from the original rusted ones that came with the house to some pewter barn lights like these and we love them.  We have two on either side of our outdoor eating area which provides just enough lighting so we can see what were eating and drinking late at night.  We also already have some solar lighting in various points of our landscaping similar to these pathway lights so you can still see where you walking in our backyard (especially needed if you have had a couple of our homemade sangria)

After browsing the almost endless amounts of options on I fell in love with this set of string lights. I am hoping to hang them inside our large rectangular umbrella to light up our tablescape any evening.  I also love the look of these sleek tiki torches instead of the boring bamboo kind to surround our deck. Plus, they do double duty as bug repellent!  Lastly, these lanterns will be added to our space which perfectly match our furniture and our black accents.

I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!  Now, who’s coming over for a glass of sangria on our patio?

Photography by: Lively Creative Co.

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