Six Fave Highlighters

Best-Highlighters-beauty-makeup-rosecitystyleguide (1 of 8) Best-Highlighters-beauty-makeup-rosecitystyleguide (1 of 8) Best-Highlighters-beauty-makeup-rosecitystyleguide (1 of 8) Best-Highlighters-beauty-makeup-rosecitystyleguide (1 of 8)

When I finally get a chance to put on makeup, I am all about that highlight. That extra pop of shimmer or dab of dewy, is perfect for summer and I have seemed to gather a collection of options for every occasion.  I do seem to be drawn more to highlighters that have pearlized pigments to create that natural flawless luminescence rather than those multi-colour pigments for that disco or alien look.  But if you are into the same luminous and youthful radiance here are my faves.

Burberry Fresh Glow Highlighting Luminous Pen  – Perfect for precision, I use it for my brow bone and the corner of my eyes.  Sometimes I also use it for down my nose for a slimming effect.

bareMineralsInvisible Glow Powder Highlighter  –  it is a little dark on my fair skin so I end up using it as a brozer/highlight combo.  It has a rose gold glow that looks great when I have a little tan.

Burberry Fresh Glow Highlighter – My favourite by far, this highighter is super pigmented and a creamy finish.  Plus the packaging is swoon worthy.

Bobbi Brown Bobbi To Glow Shimmer Brick Palette –  This was my first highlighter buy and is actually on sale at sephora online here The Gold shade brightens and highlights and the Bronze hue creates warmth, while the Wild Rose creates a flushed glow.  I love the gold and bronze bricks and never really ended up using the Wild Rose, but it is still worth the buy!

Sephora Collection Illuminate Palette – This was the Anastasia Palette Dupe that Sephora put together. It is not as pigmented but was about half the price, so I don’t mind.  I love the options of both warm and cool tones and mix it up with the different shades at my fingertips.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze and Glow – I love this palette.  It is a one stop shop for contour and highlight and flatters almost any skin tone. The highlight has a perfect blend of pearl and golden pigments that makes me look summer fresh all year round. Also, I have had it for over a year and it looks barely touched. (Nordstrom currently is offering a gift with purchase of Charlotte Tilbury)


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