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Simple Holiday Entertaining DIY

Holidays are so busy. Even though I wish I could transform, I do not have time to become the Ultimate Martha Stewart. That’s why I am thankful my friend Stefanie from The Bourbon Rose Floral Design Co. shared with me this simple holiday entertaining DIY. These thoughtful and homemade napkin holders allow me to channel some “Martha” for second without all the fuss. A Simple way to “spice” up your dinner table, this DIY is adorable and smells amazing too!

You’ll need:


Greenery (cedar & pine work great!)

Cinnamon sticks

Twine or Leather Lace (what we used here) – pieces cut about 12″- 16″ long

Simple Holiday Entertaining DIY

  1. Place a piece of twine/leather underneath the napkin

  2. Place a sprig of your favourite greenery on the top of the napkin

  3. Wrap the twine around and tie a knot creating a bundle.  Then add the cinnamon stick and tie another knot or bow depending on your preference to hold it in place.

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