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We absolutely love entertaining and because of the gorgeous weather and our park view, it is important to us that our patio is an extension of our home.  So with spring in full swing and those summer nights around the corner, it was definitely time to get our back patio in order. This month, with the help of the friendly staff at Jysk,  I was able to give my patio a little face lift on a budget.


I already had the foundation of a great outdoor space with my 2 large investment pieces, the outdoor sectional and matching dinning table and chairs.  These two big items create the feeling of  two separate spaces but  perfectly coördinate because they came in a set. The ALEXIS Table + SACRAMENTO Chair and BORACAY Set are so similar to what I have on my patio and almost half the price!

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If you have read before, I am all about those neutrals so these NAPOLI VINTAGE 11″ and 9″ Plates  were the such a great fit to the rustic  & neutral vibe I already had going.  At first glance, these plates give off the illusion of a vintage porcelain plate but they are actually super durable and plastic!  When we aren’t using them I stack them in our outdoor storage for easy access.


Lighting in any space is so important. It helps you set the mood of your space and is no different outdoors.  Having different types of lighting create a more intimate setting for you and your guests.  We use a combination our backyard lights, candles and some Solar Panel LEDs like the HAMMER Solar Lights (5pk) We always place the mini solar panel lights in various spots in our garden and pots and along our walkway for a little extra ambiance.

Lastly, patio decor is the best way to show off a little personality. The small and large ALLEN Bamboo Lanterns do double duty by giving us more intimate lighting and look great doing it.  These two are super affordable and look like they came out of a Home & Garden magazine spread.

Now that our patio is ready for guests, here is my go-to entertaining cocktail recipe


Simple Summer Sangria Recipe

  • 1 bottle of Red or White Wine (I used the red wine we made for our wedding, it’s a little older but works perfectly in Sangria with all the additions. I would recommend using an inexpensive wine as well)
  • 2 cups Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade
  • 3 oz of Flavored Vodka (I used Smirnoff Raspberry Sorbet)
  • Sliced Fresh Fruit ( I love apples, oranges, lemons, limes and berries)

Let the Sangria Sit overnight for the best results. It allows the flavours and sugars in the fruit to permeate for a delicious result!



How do you get your patio ready?

Photos by Lively Creative Co.

Thank you to Jysk for partnering with me on this post!

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  • Reply
    Linda Cassidy
    May 27, 2015 at 11:17 am

    lovely deck, very inviting. Like you I really like to create a welcoming space

  • Reply
    May 31, 2015 at 7:31 am

    This is beautiful! Perfect for entertaining or a morning coffee.

    • Reply
      June 1, 2015 at 12:14 pm

      Hey Christine! You are so right, I spend most of my weekend mornings there with a coffee and book in hand 🙂

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