Packing for Sunshine with Two Oceans

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I absolutely hate packing.  First off, I always leave it to the last-minute and secondly, I am so awful at it!

I am always that person that brings all bottoms and no tops or vice versa and I am left hanging in a city far away from home.  That’s where my friends come in, specifically Stephanie who is an organizational guru.  She is always that person who is coordinating who is bringing what on our girls trip away, so we don’t show up with 4 different hair dryers and have a little more room for that extra pair of shoes in our suit case.

So, a couple of weeks ago before I headed to some much-needed sun and sand in Mexico, I persuaded her to help me pack with a chance to taste a little bit of sunshine, Two Oceans Moscato.

The couple of glasses of moscato definitely made the packing more bearable and we loved the fresh and fruity taste that reminded us of those sunny days back in July and August, lucky for me (sorry Steph) I was able to soak in those rays a couple of days later in Cancun Mexico!

See some of my essentials for  warm weather getaway

What are your packing essentials for your warm weather getaway? Let me know in the comments below!

Photos By: Lively Creative Co.

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