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Some girls just have their “go-tos”. For me, it’s my white linen Artitzia button up and my American Eagle high-waisted skinny jeans! Worn for a bunch of different occasions from errands to our friend’s homes for dinner, it is safe to say I have used and abused these two pieces.

These items were actually both a part of my breast-feeding friendly capsule wardrobe I did a few months back too. The funny part? My husband got me this shirt as a gift while I was still pregnant and had no chance of fitting into it (big shout out to his cousin Lauren who worked at Artizia and clearly picked it out. But hey, it’s the thought that counts) Also, these jeans I snagged at a killer price this spring.  Since then, I have bought a variety of things thinking I would wear them non-stop but I keep on grabbing these two when I head to my closet.

These two items are super versatile.  You may have already noticed these jeans in a multitude of blog posts these past few months and this summer (here, here& here) I have even worn this blouse as a cover-up by the pool. It is over-sized and linen and the perfect thing to toss on with no fuss.  Looking for more ways to wear it? Be sure to check out this J.Crew video on some button up style hacks (I am seen wearing hack #1 in the photos)

SO! My new goal? Try to fill my closet with more comfortable and functional “go-to’s” like these babies. Now, I will wait for J.Crew to make more cheeky style hack videos for all the pieces in my wardrobe.

What are your “go-to” items and where did you get them? Let me know the scoop in the comments below !

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