Newborn Essentials

It’s been a few weeks at home with baby Finn and I think we have finally settled in.  It was a tough transition from hospital to the comforts of home, simply because we were used to being in such a small space with everything essentially at our fingertips – to a home with 4 levels and what felt like everything everywhere.  Fast forward a weeks later our man Finn and I have established some sort of routine but there are a few things we cannot live without, so I thought I would share with all you mamas-to-be some things essential to our day in the life with a newborn.

Newborn Essentials

Milkies Milk Saver

It wasn’t until week two that I realized my other boob would leak while breastfeeding.  The Milkies Milk Saver from Fair Haven Health catches all that potentially lost breast milk to be transferred into bottles for later.

Solly Baby Wrap

The Solly Baby Wrap has given me at least 3 extra hours each day.  Secure and comfortable to wear, Finn fits nicely after feedings and burping when he just wants to cuddle and be close but there is loads of laundry to do. It gives me my hands back and still that quality time with my little man.

Uppa Baby Vista

Stylish, user-friendly and the only stroller I will ever need, the 2017 Uppa Baby Vista transitions to up to 3 babes and fits perfectly with our Mesa Car Seat. The best part?  It’s not complicated, with only a few clicks and one hand, you can get it to do whatever you wish.

Medela Freestyle Pump

 Portable and simple to use the Medela Freestyle Pump has allowed the hubby to join in the fun of feeding plus give my poor boobs a break from that painful latch.  A quick ten minutes with it gives me almost enough for two feedings and a little more freedom. Plus, this spring I am hoping to enjoy a glass of wine (or seven) so I will need to create a supply to be able to getaway and have a few cocktails.

Medela Breastfeeding Camis

 I don’t think I could live without the Medela Breastfeeding Camis.  Supportive, soft and quick access I own about 6 now.  I would recommend snagging the black option because you will be getting them dirty with breast milk and spit up.

Keekaroo Peanut Changer

A sleek design and simple to keep clean with a quick wipe, the Keekaroo Peanut Changer it comes in a variety of colours to match any nursery.  Only con? Kinda chilly for the baby’s bare skin in the middle of the night.


Talk about peace of mind.  The Owlet sock reads Finn’s vitals when he is still while sleeping letting us know he is safe and sound all night long.  The sock is connected both to a dock with an alarm as well as an app on our phone which alert us if anything falls below normal.

Glow Baby App

The Glow Baby app was a serious game changer for us.  We started off rough with a serious case of Jaundice and a combo of other complications so keeping track of feedings and diapers was essential.  Being a frazzled new mom, it was hard enough to remember my own name let alone the last time, duration and amount of these things, so this app made it simple.  The hubby and I logged on to the same account so we can both access and update the information, plus you can add caregivers to your account if a grandma wants to join in on the fun.

Little Unicorn Diaper Bag

With roomy storage and versatile pockets, the Little Unicorn Diaper Bag diaper bags looks nothing like most baby items.  Stylish and sophisticated, I actually snagged it in both black and camel!


We don’t know life without a Dock-A-Tot since being home.  It fits in our Halo Bassinet (Finn didn’t love by itself), can be tossed in his crib for naps, sat on coffee table of fit comfortably between us in bed when we are watching some Netflix.  We love how it provides a consistent and safe sleeping environment for him and can’t see us traveling anywhere without it.

Como Tomo Bottles

After using the hospital bottles and slow flow nipples during our stay we had a couple to last us a few days at home and realized we needed something to prevent the rush of breast milk from most nipples.  The Como Tomo bottles make the baby really work for the milk similar to breast-feeding. We found he threw up/ choked on less and had a more pleasant feeding experience without as much nipple confusion.

Boon Lawn Drying Rack

If you are pumping like me there are bottles, nipples everywhere, some to washed, sterilized and dry. That is why we love the Lawn Drying Rack! It’s big enough to fit everything we are working with plus is a clean look for our kitchen counter top.

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