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New Year New Gear

Now that it is February, it is safe to say our gyms have gotten a little less crowded since the January rush. Sticking to New Year’s resolutions is tough!  Personally, it is always hard to keep at it especially when it comes to hitting the gym.  But over the years I have come to the conclusion that new gear helps me stick to my commitments to a healthier lifestyle.

So, this month, I have teamed up with Devonshire Mall to round-up some of the best gear to get your butt back to the gym this winter. Think sleek leggings, cool girl crops and killer kicks that will help you jump-start your New Year’s routine this February.

New Year New Fave Gear

Align Pant II from Lululemon

The softness leggings I own to date do double duty.  The Align Pant II from Lululemon are super cozy to wear at home and perfect for the gym. Plain, simple and tight, they are stylish with no distractions.  Plus, I love the high-rise style.

Nike Thea Air Max from Foot Locker

I love kicks that still look cool and the Nike Thea Air Max from Sport Chek totally fit the bill. With premium lightweight cushioning and a sleek, low-cut profile the keep me stylish and comfortable at the gym.

S’well Water Bottle from Chapters Indigo

I’ve owned a S’well water bottle for a few years now, which has saved me a ton of money on plastics water-bottles for sure but this extra-large version really helps me up my water intake! For the gym and now at my desk at work, I have more than enough water to power through my entire workout or get me to my next work break.

Fitness Tracker from Sport Check

A great way to keep you accountable, a fit bit gives you that little reminder to get your body moving. The new fit bit ulta is sleek and minimalistic to wear all day every day. Plus, it tracks your sleep which is so important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Headphones from the Telus Store

I love my wireless headphones. Fussing around with the cords while running or working out has always been a pain for me. The Beats by Dre option from the Telus store are a high performing option to keep your tunes flowing while working out.

Lavanila Vanilla Breeze Deodorant from Sephora

If you are working hard at the gym, it’s obvious you need to keep that stink in check.  I love the Lavanila Deodorant from Sephora because it is an award-winning, aluminum-free deodorant that is 100 percent natural, safe, and effective. Plus, I love the smell!a

Cropped sweatshirt from Aerie

This cropped super soft and cozy sweatshirt from Aerie was made to feel loved-a-lot and washed and faded by the sun.  It looks like its that sweater you do not take off and looks great with high waisted leggings.

Microfiber towel from Lululemon

A small microfiber towel doesn’t take up much space in your bag, and it’s a lot cleaner than the ones you’d pick up at the gym anyway. I love this Lululemon option. It’s super lightweight and absorbent to compliment every workout.

What gear inspires you to head back to the gym? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks to Devonshire Mall for partnering on this post!

Photography By: Eryn Shea Photography

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