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New Year Essentials

Besides the regularly scheduled program of “new year, new you”, this January is a game changer for me since it is the last month of my maternity leave. It blows my mind my time off is coming to an end and anxiety is kicking into high gear. So, this month, it’s time to get down to business and get me, house and baby in order before February 1st.

There are a bunch of things on my list to accomplish and I am gathering up some essentials to help me tackle my to-dos. But thanks to, I don’t even need to leave my house to do it! (Literally takes one thing off of my list)

First up, I need to ween Finn from nursing. This has been an ongoing battle since I started to dabble with it in December. This kid will not take a bottle from me, so it was back to the drawing board. After some research, I found that a lot of moms were having success with the Comotomo bottles. We already had the infant version so after testing out the 6+ I ordered multiples online. It’s not perfect yet, but we’re on the right track and we will be kicking it into high gear this month. Wish us luck!

Secondly, I need to get Finn ready for daycare.  Besides bringing him in this month slowly for more and more time to get comfortable with his new digs, I need a few things to his new routine.  For the first little bit, we will be providing what he eats and there are a few essentials the daycare asks he has at the daycare, so it’s to I go to grab those too.

Shop Finn’s January Essentials

Next, a full-blown house declutter. I have been tinkering with this my whole maternity leave and doing a pretty decent job. But with still off the first week in January, I will have an extra set of hands to really go to town. I will feel so much better having less to tidy and clean when my time at home is cut dramatically being back at the office. Less is more is the motto of 2018 for our household.

Shop Home January Essentials

Besides Finn and our house, I am heading back to work February 1st.  I am so out of the 9-5 grind with months of a baby crying as an alarm clock, I need to pick up a few things now that I will be back in the office Monday-Friday.  Also, because I will have a lot less free time. It will be quality over quantity when it comes to spare time. Setting aside time each week and day to prioritize and schedule work, errands, things to do and quality time with family and friends will need to happen to make our new reality work. I thrive on planning ahead, so strategically working out when I do what will ensure I use my limited time much more wisely.

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Lastly, dedicating more time for self-care. I assume it’s true for most moms, we don’t put ourselves first.  What we get is the time left behind at the end of the day (when I would rather be sleeping) and lose out on meal planning and eating right, working out, and even washing our hair. Can I get an amen to dry shampoo! So time-management and planning will obviously be a huge help on this one. As well as picking up the gear to get inspired and started.

Shop Self-Care January Essentials


What are your plans for 2018? Let me know in the comments below!


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