My Mourning Beauty Routine

Skinceuticals-drbray-medspa-morning-beauty-routine-rosecitystyleguideSkinceuticals-drbray-medspa-morning-beauty-routine-rosecitystyleguide Skinceuticals-drbray-medspa-morning-beauty-routine-rosecitystyleguideSkinceuticals-drbray-medspa-morning-beauty-routine-rosecitystyleguide

My day essentially doesn’t begin unless I have hit snooze at least once, poured myself a cup of coffee and applied my SkinCeuticals Serum.  Now that I am getting older (27 to be exact), I am much more mindful of my beauty routine and taking care of my skin.  I was Searching for an improvement in my Beauty routine early this fall, I opted to try the SkinCeuticals C E FERULIC® Serum from Dr. Peter Bray Plastic Surgery & Medspa for the past 2 months and completely fell in love.  First off, this product cut my morning beauty routine in half.  After a quick cleanse and tone, I apply the serum  to my face neck and some of my chest and I am good to go for the day!  My makeup goes on smoothly and the serum’s effects last at least 72 hours (which covers me for the days I may miss) and provides environmental protection, some serious hydration and reduces the appearance of fine my lines and wrinkles (yay!)  The only catch the serum does have a very earthy smell, but that is because it has no added fragrance just all the good stuff you need! Since I’ve used the product, I can see subtle but noticeable changes in my skin and feel more confident knowing that I’m nourishing it and enhancing it’s natural beauty.

What is your Morning Beauty Routine? Let me know in the comments below!

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