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Around here, the thing that I get the most questions about is my hair! So, because I literally put all my faith and trust in my girl Jules and hardly ask for anything in particular when I head to the salon, I thought it would be best to pull in the expert!
I have gone to my hairstylist Jules for over 2 years now and haven’t looked back since!  I am super low maintenance when it comes to my hair, ( I have 3 moves people! Blow dried straight, loose curls and ponytail) but Jules makes it look like I put way more time and effort into my locks than I  actually do.  And I love her for it!  So, let’s get down to the Q&A!

Q&A with my Hairstylist Jules

What are your favourite hair products?

Right now my go-to product is Joico Hair Shake! It’s a great product for anyone who likes that messy beach wave. It gives the hair texture without weighing the hair down or feeling sticky! I love to curl the hair first, spay the hair shake and then comb out. It gives the hair that messy texture everyone is going for.

What is your best-kept hairstyling secret?

We, l it’s probably not a secret but DRY SHAMPOO. What would we do without it? I love to use it on days where I am way too lazy to style it but also to give added volume when I’m teasing the hair at the root. If you are the girl who sweats like crazy at the gym than try using dry shampoo BEFORE you hit the gym. While you’re working out the dry shampoo will keep your hair smelling fresh and keep it dry! If you haven’t tried the Amika dry shampoo it is amazing! The smell is unreal.

What tips do I have for low maintenance hair that will last a longer amount of time?

Use the proper shampoo! I cannot stress this enough. If you want your colour to last and stay fresh in between your colour services, it is key to use profession products. If you have bright blonde hair that tends to pull yellow, get yourself the Joico violet shampoo! Use that 2-3 times a week and it will keep your hair looking fresh. If you have a darker blonde, that pulls orange or reds, use a blue based shampoo!

Can you briefly explain the cutting style you use on Amanda’s hair?

For Amanda hair specifically, I cut the perimeter of her hair blunt- straight across at 0 degrees. This creates a weight line in her hair that makes it seem thicker. Once it’s dry I like to go in and cut in some soft long layers. This is great for when she curls her hair. It gives that added bounce. I also add some face-framing starting at the cheekbone. It works great with Amanda’s face shape.

Can you tell us what formula you use for my hair color?

I balayage with lightener and 20vol starting in the front. By the back, I switch to 30vol In between every balayaged section, I babylight lowlights! This time I used the new nude collection 7-46 by Schwarzkopf. Amanda wanted a creamy soft blonde with a bit of warmth. I toned with 10-4 and a quarter of 9-65 Schwarzkopf.

What products do you suggest to keep blonde hair?

Violet shampoo 100%. If you are blonde, you should be using a violet shampoo at least once a week no matter what! This will keep your blonde looking vibrant and fresh!

I also love the new Blonde Life Brightening system! It’s specifically created for hair that’s been bleached. It’s made with arginine, monoi, and Tammany oils to fight brassiness, fading, breakage, all the struggles us blondes deal with on a daily. It leaves the hair feeling healthy and shiny!

How do I create such natural looking highlights?

The more micro of a weave the better. Babylights are a huge trend right now and I don’t see it ever going away. Who doesn’t want natural looking hair? I like to take the tiniest of sections when weaving highlights, not only does it create a natural look but the hair lifts so much lighter because it doesn’t have to fight through so much hair. After I baby light I like to pick a few sections and balayage the ends to create more lightness and pop. My vision most of the time is to make it look like the sun naturally lightened it.

What color techniques do you use?

Babylights and balayage! This is what everyone is asking for and I am obsessed with the results. There are so many ways to achieve a natural looking colour. Every client that sits in my chair gets a custom cut, custom foil placement, and custom formula. The best thing about these techniques is how low maintenance it can be! Some of my clients come once to twice and year.



I have teamed up with Jules to giveaway one blonde life brightening system to one local reader! It includes the shampoo, conditioner, and mask.


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Dress: c/o TOBI | Shampoo: JOICO | Conditioner: JOICO

Photography by: Eryn Shea Photography



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