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longweekend-victoriaday-recap-llifelately-rosecitystyleguide longweekend-victoriaday-recap-llifelately-rosecitystyleguide

Friday night bike ride to our friends brand new home! Was such a great night minus the ride back home in the rain!


Loved spending my Sunday morning in my #bedoffice Can this be my everyday?  longweekend-victoriaday-recap-llifelately-rosecitystyleguide

Well deserved gardening break with some H2O and some homemade sangria (red wine mixed with a splash of fruity vodka, fresh fruit juice and of course fruit slices!)longweekend-victoriaday-recap-llifelately-rosecitystyleguide

Snagged some baby herbs (basil, thyme, sage and chives) to plant at my local Zerhs. They are always the perfect size for our pots!  Can’t wait to cook with them.

What have you been up to lately? Let me know in the comments!

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