Last Minute Fall Essentials

I think I might be in denial, because there is only 1 day left in august and I still haven’t got my house back in order before the hubby goes back to school. It has been amazing having him off work this summer.  He has helped me out a ton with Finn, the house and we were able to have so much fun as a new little family.  But with him already heading back earlier to get his classroom sorted, it is a reality check that it is back to reality of solo days with Finn. So, to help me get my life together, I have rounded up some essentials for our home and yours before school starts.  Thankfully, with Amazon Prime, I can order these items and get them shipped before Labour Day weekend.

This Fall, I am hoping to get back in the swing of things in terms of meal prepping, cleaning and organizing our house (finally tackling our cupboards) and dedicating some time for myself so I don’t need a straight-jacket by Christmas. Who needs spring cleaning when you can do fall cleaning?

What do you hope to accomplish this fall? Let me know in the comments below!

Last Minute Fall Essentials



To save me even more time and sanity, I have started to subscribe and save some of our homes essentials and love it!  From garbage to sandwich bags to coffee and even diapers, I am officially worry with my necessities always in stock at home.

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