January Beauty Faves

It’s a new year and I am diving head first into some new beauty!  Each month, I am taking the plunge into some new products I get my hands on to give you the all the details. This month we are chatting about Klorane Dry Shampoo,  Avène Spring Water Spray, Embryolisse Lait- Crème Concentré, Beautycounter Adaptive Moisture Lotion, Rodial Stem Cell Magic Gel and R+Co Flexible Hairspray.

Klorane Dry Shampoo

I live and die by dry shampoo.  I have tried a bunch of brands at a variety of price points and the Klorane Dry Shampoo has officially been added to my love list. Becuase I use dry shampoo so often, it is nice to know that what I am putting near my scalp is safe. Thier Hypoallergenic and vegan Dry Shampoo formula is actually based on a combination of plant-based micronized powders. It does, however, go on chalky, which normally isn’t a fave of mine, but after letting it sit for a couple of minutes to soak up the excess oil, you can simply remove the excess with by working your fingers through your hair, a hairbrush or hair dryer. Plus, it leaves my hair with volume and soft-to-the-touch texture.

Avène Spring Water Spray

It doesn’t take much for my face to go red. So after hearing this Avène Spring Water Spray spray has clinically shown to soothe, soften and calm skin I was excited to try it.  It comes in a variety of sizes but this small version is perfect for my purse, gym bag or even for travel.  Its mist is very refreshing after a workout or even in my daily beauty routine.  Plus, I love the little moment of spa-like bliss I get while using.

 Embryolisse Lait- Crème Concentré

When I first received Embryolisse Lait- Crème Concentré and read what it can be used for I was shocked.  This French apothecary skincare brand’s #1 product says it can be your Primer, moisturizer, or makeup remover! I have been using it mainly as lotion for my hands, elbows and face. Also, it is worth mentioning, a little goes a long way! On my first few uses, I used way too much product because I thought I was so dry, but it’s amazing how little you actually need. Plus, it doesn’t leave you feeling oily or greasing which is a plus when I am trying to wrangle my 10-month-old.

Beautycounter Adaptive Moisture Lotion

My family and I have been slowly using more and more Beautycounter products as I learn about them.  If you don’t already know, Beautycounter is committed to a health and safety standard that goes well beyond what’s required by U.S. and Canadian law. They have banned the use of more than 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals through thier Never List—all while ensuring our products perform and that they’re as indulgent as any in the market. I have only been using the Adaptive Moisture Lotion for a less than a week, but love how lightweight it is.  Its breakthrough Bio-Mimic Technology harnesses the unique life-giving properties of plants to exactly match the structure of skin, giving it precisely what it needs and nothing it doesn’t.  I have added it to my morning routine after washing and before my serums for the day.

Rodial Stem Cell Magic Gel

I am obsessed with Rodial Stem Cell Magic Gel.  I received it to review months ago and finally got to try it a few weeks ago. Another multi-use product this little jar can be your intensive moisturizer, night mask or a makeup primer.  It leaves my winter skin feeling hydrated but matte which is so great for before applying makeup. I also love the matte feeling even on non-makeup days, because I feel like the product was all soaked up by my skin. The skin tightening complex smooths, tightens and blurs the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines all while fighting against environmental stressors by retaining skin’s hydration balance. I will definitely be looking to purchase this one again.

R+Co Flexible Hairspray

I recently picked up the R+Co Flexible Hairspray from my last trip to Dry Parlour in Tecumseh.  I am a huge hair fusser and I am constantly tousling my hair and playing with which means I need to it still move and not be tangled in a big mess.  This hairspray hits the mark for me.  A great smell and just enough hold to keep my style but allows me to comb my fingers through it with ease.  A winner in my books and I will definitely buy again.

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What are the new beauty products you are trying this month? Let me know in the comments below!

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