How to Create A Simple Floral Arrangement with The Bourbon Rose Floral Design Co.

how-to-style-a-simple-flower-arrangement-rose-city-style-guide-bourbon-rose-floral-design-co-lifestyle-canadian-bloghow-to-style-a-simple-flower-arrangement-rose-city-style-guide-bourbon-rose-floral-design-co-lifestyle-canadian-blog-20 how-to-style-a-simple-flower-arrangement-rose-city-style-guide-bourbon-rose-floral-design-co-lifestyle-canadian-blog-20 how-to-style-a-simple-flower-arrangement-rose-city-style-guide-bourbon-rose-floral-design-co-lifestyle-canadian-blog-2

Fresh and classic, flowers are the my favourite way to liven up my home. This post, I am teaming up with local florist and friend, Stefanie, from The Bourbon Rose Floral Design Co. to give you her four easy steps to create your own simple floral arrangement this season!

What you will need:

Mason Jar (tip: the narrow opening makes it easy for the flowers to stay where you want them!)

Flower food packet (tip: this increases the longevity of the blooms!)

3 types of greenery (tip: choosing a few different varieties of greens adds depth & visual interest to the arrangement)

Flowers (tip: try to get one or two large blooms for use as a focal flowers, and smaller ones to fill out the arrangement.  Lots of different types of blooms with make your arrangement look super professional!)



How to Create A Simple Floral Arrangement

Step 1: Arrange your greenery

 This is the foundation of the arrangement – where you get the shape from – if you want it wide and skinny or round and puffy or totally wild, here is your chance!  We used fresh Euphorbia from Chappus Farms, Seeded Eucalyptus and Israeli Ruscus.
how-to-style-a-simple-flower-arrangement-rose-city-style-guide-bourbon-rose-floral-design-co-lifestyle-canadian-blog-4 how-to-style-a-simple-flower-arrangement-rose-city-style-guide-bourbon-rose-floral-design-co-lifestyle-canadian-blog-5 how-to-style-a-simple-flower-arrangement-rose-city-style-guide-bourbon-rose-floral-design-co-lifestyle-canadian-blog-6 how-to-style-a-simple-flower-arrangement-rose-city-style-guide-bourbon-rose-floral-design-co-lifestyle-canadian-blog-7 how-to-style-a-simple-flower-arrangement-rose-city-style-guide-bourbon-rose-floral-design-co-lifestyle-canadian-blog-8

Step 2- Add a focal flower
Take the biggest, best flower and place it dead centre at the front of the arrangement.  In most cases, that’s where it will look the best.  In this instance we used fresh Zinnia’s from Chappus Farms.

how-to-style-a-simple-flower-arrangement-rose-city-style-guide-bourbon-rose-floral-design-co-lifestyle-canadian-blog-9 how-to-style-a-simple-flower-arrangement-rose-city-style-guide-bourbon-rose-floral-design-co-lifestyle-canadian-blog-12how-to-style-a-simple-flower-arrangement-rose-city-style-guide-bourbon-rose-floral-design-co-lifestyle-canadian-blog-16

Step 3- Fill out with accent flowers
Take another 3 or 4 blooms slightly smaller in size and place somewhat symmetrically around the vase.  Finish with some extra flowers (here we used Stock, Roses, Queen Anne’s Lace and Lisianthus)

how-to-style-a-simple-flower-arrangement-rose-city-style-guide-bourbon-rose-floral-design-co-lifestyle-canadian-blog-13 how-to-style-a-simple-flower-arrangement-rose-city-style-guide-bourbon-rose-floral-design-co-lifestyle-canadian-blog-14 how-to-style-a-simple-flower-arrangement-rose-city-style-guide-bourbon-rose-floral-design-co-lifestyle-canadian-blog-16 how-to-style-a-simple-flower-arrangement-rose-city-style-guide-bourbon-rose-floral-design-co-lifestyle-canadian-blog-15

Step 4- Add a ribbon for gift giving or your table!
Always a nice touch to finish off with some beautiful ribbon.  In this case we used an awesome blush pink silk from Mokuba Ribbon.

how-to-style-a-simple-flower-arrangement-rose-city-style-guide-bourbon-rose-floral-design-co-lifestyle-canadian-blog-17how-to-style-a-simple-flower-arrangement-rose-city-style-guide-bourbon-rose-floral-design-co-lifestyle-canadian-blog-16 how-to-style-a-simple-flower-arrangement-rose-city-style-guide-bourbon-rose-floral-design-co-lifestyle-canadian-blog-16

General Floral Tips from The Bourbon Rose Floral Design Co.

Make sure you remove the foliage from the area of the stems that will placed in the water to prevent bacteria build up.  Also, you can keep the arrangement fresh longer by changing out the water everyday!

Want to see more of The Bourbon Rose Floral Design Co.’s Work?  Head over to or check out her Instagram (@bourbonroseflorist) for some swoon-worthy floral work!

Photography by: Eryn Shea Photography

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