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Homestyle: How to Decorate your Fireplace Mantel for the Holidays with Home Outfitters

how-to-decorate-fireplace-mantel-holiday-decor-Home-Outfitters-RCSG-Lively_Windsor-rose-city-style-guide-fashion-lifestyle-blog-canadian-5Five Tips To Decorate your Fireplace Mantel this Holiday Season

You can’t really say you’re ready to celebrate Christmas until you have decorated the fireplace mantle. It’s  a tradition to turn the mantel into a focal point for a special holiday. Whether you go all out or love the minimalistic approach, the fireplace is often a main focal point in any home, especially during the holidays. Either way, you want to be sure that santa is greeted with a festive display when he comes down the chimney this Christmas. With too many styles and options,  as a #atHOmeinsider, I have teamed up with Home Outfitters and jotted down some great tips to plan and create a beautiful fireplace mantel in your own home.

[left]The rule of odds says that odd numbers of things always look better than even ones do. If you hang pictures, hang one large, three medium, or five small pictures. If you have one large painting, pair it with two other items or small objects, to create a group of three items. Odds are the key to success![/left]


Don’t make your mantel over symmetrical because it will create a stiff feeling and look less interesting


Simple or ornate, a mirror hanging above your mantel will do the trick, if only because it reflects all the other beautiful things in your home.



Varieties of textures bring life to any space. If you have  shiny metal decor, consider adding soft greenery, a floral wreath, or a soft textured decor ball. Pair sleek items with rustic ones for an interesting mixture of styles and textures. [/right]



Not all decorations have to be over-the-top. This simple swag of garland adds a seasonal note without detracting from the natural charm of the rustic fireplace.[/left]



Garland:Home Outfitters (vintage) / Mercury Decor:  Home Outfitters (vintage) / Mirror:Home Outfitters / Birch Candles:Home Outfitters / Wicker Stools: Home Outfitters (vintage) / Woodland Tree: Home Outfitters / Gold  Tree: Home Outfitters Blanket: Home Outfitters

At the end of the day, it’s not brain surgery, so display what you love and you will create a space you want to be around.

Like what you see? You can check out this week’s Home Outfitters Flyer for the most up to date deals on decor, small appliances, tableware, bed and bath. How do you decorate your fireplace mantel for the holidays? Let me know in the comments below!

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 Photos By: Lively Creative Co.

Sweet Treats By: Shelby’s Sweet Shoppe

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