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Holiday Fireplace Mantel with The Bourbon Rose Floral Design Co.


Probably the best part about our obnoxious fireplace that takes up half of our basement is dressing it up for the holidays.  Blending in as much as possible for a majority of the year in a shade lighter than our walls, Christmas decor really makes it the focal point of our family room in December. So, when I had the opportunity to scrap my old artificial decor for some fresh floral and greenery designed by Stefanie of The Bourbon Rose Floral Design Co., I jumped at the chance!

When it comes to the fireplace, Stefanie believes there are three things you should focus on, texture, height, and points of interest.


Using a bunch of different types of greenery and accents to create texture, Stefanie kept most of the design neutral with Cedar, Pine, Boxwood, Carolina Sapphire and my personal fave, Eucalyptus. “Each different type of greenery has their own unique all of which have their own unique shade of green to create a major wow factor.” said Stefanie. “With the addition of Ilex stems for that pop of red we created the classic holiday palette!”


Varying heights in an arrangement adds visual interest. You don’t need a huge difference in height, just a noticeable one. “I like to vary the height on mantlepieces so you don’t just have a long garland,” said Stefanie. “Adding a few taller arrangements in accent vases, bring the eye up and add fullness.”

Points of Interest

If you’re lost with how to start decorating a mantel, finding a point is a good start. “Points of interest are really important to make the mantle look full and give your guests something to chat about,” says Stefanie. “Mixing in candles, pine cones, classic decor like trees or votives, with the addition of your family favourites, will really make your mantlepiece stand out and be remembered.”

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Love what you see?  Be sure to contact The Bourbon Rose Floral asap if you are looking to get her in your home for some holiday decor at

P.S. The Bourbon Rose Floral Design Co. will be taking holiday orders until December 16th, 2017.
Delivery and Pick-Up is available until December 22, 2017.
A minimum of 72 hours advance notice is required for holiday orders.
Email is preferred to place an order:

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