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My go to favorite juice these days is a imitation of Booster Juice’s Green Hornet (celery, spinach, parsley, carrot) with the addition of apple.  For all you juicing virgins, the apple really helps with the transition into a veggie only juice and makes more like a delicious drink.

I started juicing after I was up to 2-3 coffees per day.  Sipping on green juice gave me the boost I was looking for with some serious added benefits without the extra caffeine and dairy.  Now, I juice whenever I have time because it is unfortunately time consuming cutting and cleaning your fruits and veggies- Plus the mess to clean up after. Regardless, the juice is ALWAYS worth my time 🙂

What you will need for my go to Green Juice:

1) 3 Large Carrots

2) 3 Celery Stalks

3) 6-8 sprigs of Flat Parsley

4) Handful of Spinach

5) Apple of choice

6) Quarter of a lemon (peeled)

Toss everything into the juicer and Voila!

The juice I am currently rocking:

Breville – BJE510XL The Juice Fountain Multi Speed Juicer (Stainless Steel)  $299.99

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