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Vegan Leather Jacket (currently on sale) / Jeans (less than $50) / Top (similar) / Purse / Mules / Watch

It’s been a while since my friends and I have had the time to enjoy a girls night out! This weekend, we are headed over to Detroit for a concert and I am beyond excited for some cocktails and Shenanigans! I feel like this outfit will work perfectly. I am loving my new vegan leather jacket I snagged at American Eagle in Devonshire Mall. I have had my eye out for a high quality fake leather jacket for a while and this one checked off all my boxes. Now that the temps have warmed up a bit (We are currently at 0 degrees Celsius WooHoo!) it will be the perfect jacket for a concert because it won’t be too bulky to be lugging around the venue and to grab some drinks after.

Looking for the perfect Leather jacket too? Here are some links to a couple Real and Vegan Leather Jackets a different price points.

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What do you wear for a Girls Night out on the town?

Photos by Lively Creative Co.

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