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Well, it’s official! We have finally started solids. It has been a total game-changer in our household and means a ton of prep time and patience with the little guy. But man, has it created some laughs!

Before we started, we knew we wanted to make our own baby food.  I loved the idea that we would know exactly what Finn was eating and don’t have to worry about added salt, sugar or fillers in the food we would find on our grocery stores shelves. Plus, homemade baby food is more nutritious and economical, something we can totally get behind.

So, to kick things off, I enlisted the help of Go Produce, a local delivery service focused on bringing the farm directly to our table.  Go Produce delivers a combination of high-quality freshly picked produce to homes in Windsor-Essex and parts of Chatham Kent.  It was the simplest and most affordable way to get those in-season fruit and veggies in our home.

How it Works…


Go Produce offers a variety of options to suit your needs. From Pre-made and Custom to Organic and Fabulously flawed these bags are available in a bunch of different sizes.


They work with your schedule. You can try them once or automatically receive weekly/bi-weekly/monthly deliveries. There’s no commitment and delivery is free, unless purchasing alcohol.


Their farmers and artisans have specially chosen items that are packed with flavour and will complement your bag. Choose from hundreds of quality groceries, including local wines and beer.


They want you to be confident with your order and delivery. When your bag has arrived, you will be notified through their notification system.

We received a large bag which was more than enough for the two of us for the week and load our freezer full of in-season produce. To make the baby food, we used the Beaba.  It’s unreal! After cubing what you would like to make.  You can steam their food with a press of a button.  It pings when it is finished and you just need to drain the excess water, toss back in and turn the knob to purée.  Simple and quick for any mom or dad!

This week, I have teamed up with Go Produce to Giveaway a $50 Credit to one lucky local reader!

To Enter:

Follow Both @rcitystyle and @goproduceinc on Instagram

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And tag a friend in the comments who would be interested in this contest!

Good Luck to all who enter! The contest will close September 22nd and Winner will be announced on September 23rd on the same photo.

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