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Looking for your days, weeks or months fly by? Have a baby! The past 2 months with this little nugget have virtually flown by.  I think it’s thanks to my days being filled with feedings, diapers and naps that blur together. Talk about groundhog day.

But, at this point we are starting to notice that some days are better than others.  If this little man doesn’t get the proper amount of rest during the day, no one in the house is happy. So, thankfully we stumbled on the Fisher-Price ® My Little Lamb Deluxe Rock ‘n Play™ Soothing Seat.

 My little guy loves staying in my arms, but that leaves me stuck sitting still all day as the dishes, laundry and dust bunnies pile up.  I was constantly torn on what to do.  If I were to flip him over to the bassinet or even put him down in his crib he would get restless. Now, with a quick transition to his new cozy inclined seat, my hands and lap are finally free to get some things done while he enjoys the gentle, calming vibrations. The incline is also perfect for combating his acid reflux after feedings, but even if we have an accident, the removable pads are able to be tossed directly in the wash. It’s safe to say, this Rock  n’ Play is an essential part of our day.

What are your baby essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

Photography by: Eryn Shea Photography

Thanks to Fisher Price for partnering on this post.

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