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Laura-Eansor-Rose-City-Style-Guide-HolisticNext up on this Rose City Style Guide 1st Anniversary featured series, I am so happy to introduce you to Laura Eansor, a Holistic Lifestyle Mentor, Power Foodie and Rose City Style Guide Contributor.  I spotted Laura and her amazing holistic tips and tricks on facebook this fall and and knew she was a perfect fit for Rose City Style Guide.

Here is her Story…

Laura-Eansor-Rose-City-Style-Guide-HolisticWhat inspired you to choose this career path?

I’ve always been pulled towards helping people… My first career as a Respiratory Therapist allowed me to fulfill that passion, but along the way I was always looking for natural remedies or alternative ways to achieve the same results. It was actually my fascination with the human brain, and the power of the mind that lead me to the Holistic Nutrition field. In my spare time I googled coping techniques for stress, natural ways to improve sleep and decrease anxiety, ecetera. What I found was that not only do our thoughts influence our health and well-being, but much of it has to do with food, and our environment. Furthermore, not only can we help repair and rebuild our bodies, but smarter, prevent disease and illness! I get to share this information with my family, friends, and as many people as possible with my career as a Holistic Nutritionist, and there is nothing in the world more gratifying. Laura-Eansor-Rose-City-Style-Guide-Holistic

What were your original goals for your career when you first started out? How have they since evolved?

Going into the program I really had no clue what I was going to with my new certification. I kind of went into it blind and just trusted that the universe would send something my way. I had tones of ideas throughout the year but as I grew those ideas changed. I always knew I wanted to have a blog so I could have a place for people to visit and feel empowered, refreshed, and in control of their lives. I also knew I wanted to educate and work one on one or with smaller groups…. All of which I am lucky enough to do every day 🙂

As an aside, I have recently removed the word “goal” form my vocab. I found that it granted room for me to make excuses to somehow be unable to reach them. Instead I have since replaced it with, commitment, and can see how already it has accelerated my journey to accomplishing successes.Laura-Eansor-Rose-City-Style-Guide-Holistic

 What has been the most rewarding experience that has come since starting your career?

It’s the little things. There’s nothing like giving people the tools to get happier and healthier. Being able to show them how to look at life… their kitchens, their bodies, their minds, form a different perspective is such a gift!  Laura-Eansor-Rose-City-Style-Guide-Hollistic-3

 What advice can you give to those who want to start a healthy lifestyle but are unsure of where to start?

Eat a rainbow! Everyday try and eat a fruit or veggie of every colour in the rainbow! It’s a fun and easy way to both get an abundance of fresh nutrients and add variety to your diet! Eventually you’ll begin to replace the packaged processed foods with whole foods and then you’re well on your way! Second, do your best to get moving! Increase your heart rate a few times a week… there are certain essential enzymes that can only be released and activated with exercise! From this you’ll be both motivated and challenged 🙂

Small changes + discipline = results!

Laura-Eansor-Rose-City-Style-Guide-Holistic What is a typical day like for you?

I like to wake up with plenty of time before my scheduled work hours. I set my intention for the day, say my affirmations (for example: “I am kind today), enjoy a cup of coffee and a BIG breakfast, check emails and socials, chat with family, then head to one of my two part time jobs. I spend much of my day at work… but it doesn’t feel that way! I’ve chosen to earn paychecks from companies who honour my soul and constitution! I do my best to make it to yoga, pilates, or the gym at least 3 times a week…depending on the day I’ll go in the morning or night. Evenings usually consist of family or friend time, reading, writing, cooking or baking. Consulting and protocol development is done during free time as well! I also make a point to set aside time at night to prep for the next day ahead…it has made a huge difference in managing time and stress. Bed time is usually around 10pm; I love my sleep! My routine and the organized flow of my days are what keep me focused.Laura-Eansor-Rose-City-Style-Guide-Hollistic

 Who would play you in a movie?


Laura-Eansor-Rose-City-Style-Guide-HollisticWhat is your favourite Saturday afternoon activity in Windsor-Essex?

In the Winter months, definitely skating! We have a huge outdoor drink next to my brother’s house and we love to play around and get some fresh air! I also enjoy posting up in a café like Second Cup or Salute with a hot tea and my computer! Summer time is anything outdoors, especially patio food with friends!

Be sure to check out Laura’s Website Here

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