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Featured: Carly Nicodemo Founder of Esvie Cosmetics

carly-nicodemo-esvie-cosmetics-you-beauty-movement-makeup-artist (2)  eAs we continue with Rose City Style Guide 1st Anniversary featured series, I am so excited to introduce you to Carly Nicodemo. Don’t let her age fool you this 20-something professional makeup artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist is one to watch.

Here is her story…

As a true beauty maven and trained makeup artist, how did you first break out into the beauty industry?

I started off freelancing around Windsor-Essex County five years ago after my initial training. I worked the beauty makeup, film, photography and the music video industry. From there I moved to Toronto to extend my training at Complections Makeup Art and Design Academy, where I learned more in depth makeup techniques for fashion, theatre, and film. I really broke out in the beauty industry in 2012 when I started to work on bigger movie projects and work alongside LiquidWild Media in fashion and commercial work.carly-nicodemo-esvie-cosmetics-you-beauty-movement-makeup-artist (2)  e

Last Year you launched Esvie Cosmetics – Tell us about it and What inspired you to create it?

Inspired by the people, the cities, the culture, the lifestyle, the art, the music, and the beauty within us all, ESVIE Cosmetics originated in the Olde Walkerville District of Windsor, Ontario. Founded and created by a brother-sister duo, the company launched it’s first product line, the subscription eye shadow palette service in July 2014. Since the launch ESVIE has had recognition in beauty blogs all across Canada for it’s unique palette based subscription service.

In March 2014 the #YOUbeautymoment campaign was born. It was created by media personality Erika Harnish and ESVIE Co-Creator Carly Nicodemo. We saw the lack of role models for young women and a growing social issue which young women lack self-esteem and confidence. The #YOUbeautymoment is a campaign to help inspire young women through the hash tag #YOUbeautymoment where they can post what makes them feel confident, inspired, and beautiful through a photo post or Tweet, view, and follow the #YOUbeautymoment and ESVIE Cosmetics on social media platforms.

I love being apart of the design process in anything. From designing the looks for each character of a film to designing character make-up in a theatrical play. I get inspired from so many things around me – music, textiles, vintage clothing, people and cities. I really wanted to bring that inspiration into a beauty product that was easy for anyone to use. Along with the product itself, we promote a lot of indie music to match each theme that the palettes are designed for. A lot of my inspiration comes from the music and the people behind it, including their fans.carly-nicodemo-esvie-cosmetics-you-beauty-movement-makeup-artist (2)  e

What do you hope to achieve through Esvie and Lipsntips? How do you see the business evolving and what are your goals for the future?

I want to make women feel beautiful, cool, empowered, and self-confident. Every woman has their own natural beauty which I find amazing, so I really try to emphasize that. ESVIE is moving forward on a big project that will combine the #YOUbeautymoment with the ESVIE culture. I’m very excited right now as I am working on the project for Spring 2015. LipsnTips is also very busy this coming year. I am actually changing LipsnTips to be just my name as my brand: Carly Nicks. I am the ESVIE and #YOUbeautymoment culture, as I always had been through LipsnTips. Now that everything is on the same page it’s really great to see how each one has evolved into its own, but also together. With my freelance career 2015 is busy here in Windsor, so I’m trying to really promote how I can help women with makeup and consultations. My goals for the future are to keep going steady down this exciting journey that I have begun. Big goal for the future: A brick and mortar location.carly-nicodemo-esvie-cosmetics-you-beauty-movement-makeup-artist (2)  e

Best moment in your career thus far?

There are many … I’ll do three (in no particular order): The Scarehouse Movie, which has just been released now online and you can find it on iTunes; launching ESVIE and #YOUbeautymoment in Windsor – the people that have helped out are extremely talented and passionate about their craft which I appreciate so much; and working with the talented cast and crew of the film The Performance.carly-nicodemo-esvie-cosmetics-you-beauty-movement-makeup-artist (2)  e

Your Top Beauty essentials and why..

You Makeup Kit’s Blushes – the only three blushes you will ever need (coming soon to Amazon)

The “It’s So L.A.” ESVIE makeup palette – I can not go a single day without wearing the Griffith bronze eye shadow

The Beauty Blender – it just makes any foundation, especially my top fave Makeup Forever HD Foundation, look flawless

Too Faced Clay Bronzer – let’s be real: contour is great!carly-nicodemo-esvie-cosmetics-you-beauty-movement-makeup-artist (2)  e

Take us through a typical day/week in the life

Well there are two scenarios:

  1. I’m on the set for a gig – from a fashion photo shoot, to a commercial, to a music video. Those days are like play at work days because I never feel like it’s work and it’s always a great atmosphere.
  2. I’m in meetings, on phone calls, watching online webinars, posting on social media, networking, promoting, having lunch with someone fantastic, afternoon tea at the local coffee house, designing, planning for the next #YOUbeautymoment, and creating ideas for ESVIE… it’s always something new each and every day. No day is ever the same for me.carly-nicodemo-esvie-cosmetics-you-beauty-movement-makeup-artist (2)  e

Who would play you in a movie?

Drew Barrymore. Recently while on set a fellow crew member who has worked with her told me that I have the same energy as her.carly-nicodemo-esvie-cosmetics-you-beauty-movement-makeup-artist (2) e

Favorite Saturday afternoon activity in Windsor Essex County?

I really enjoy spending the afternoon in the coffee house with my boyfriend (@adammarz), or on any patio in the summertime with friends.


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