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My Anytime is Game Time Moment

Like most twenty-somethings, my life is uber busy. I work a 9-5 corporate job, plan, write and edit posts for Rose City Style Guide and somewhere between I spend time with the hubby and even might toss a load in the washing machine, so it’s definitely nice to take a breather.  So, it was perfect timing that I partnered with Mattel to bring my readers my “Anytime is Game Time Moment”  any-time-is-game-time-moment-rose-city-style-guide-canadian-blogger-lifestyle-blog-ontario-windsor-mattel-mad-gab-apples-to-apples-uno-bounce-off

This week I decided to take a break from it all and have my grade school friends over to spend some quality time in the backyard one last time this season and break out the board games.  Of course, I also wasn’t upset to grab some delicious fall themed cupcakes and make fruity drinks to share! any-time-is-game-time-moment-rose-city-style-guide-canadian-blogger-lifestyle-blog-ontario-windsor-mattel-mad-gab-apples-to-apples-uno-bounce-off

My friends and I are a chatty bunch, so it made complete sense to jump into some Mattel Mad Gab. Not only did we catch up and have a laugh or two,  it was so awesome to dig into some board games like when used to when we were younger (cue the nostalgia)
any-time-is-game-time-moment-rose-city-style-guide-canadian-blogger-lifestyle-blog-ontario-windsor-mattel-mad-gab-apples-to-apples-uno-bounce-off any-time-is-game-time-moment-rose-city-style-guide-canadian-blogger-lifestyle-blog-ontario-windsor-mattel-mad-gab-apples-to-apples-uno-bounce-off7

Want to join in on the fun? Have your own “Anytime is Game Time Moment” and tag @MattelGameOn and use the hashtag #GameTimeCAN

any-time-is-game-time-moment-rose-city-style-guide-canadian-blogger-lifestyle-blog-ontario-windsor-mattel-mad-gab-apples-to-apples-uno-bounce-off any-time-is-game-time-moment-rose-city-style-guide-canadian-blogger-lifestyle-blog-ontario-windsor-mattel-mad-gab-apples-to-apples-uno-bounce-off any-time-is-game-time-moment-rose-city-style-guide-canadian-blogger-lifestyle-blog-ontario-windsor-mattel-mad-gab-apples-to-apples-uno-bounce-off

Even though the winner of our game didn’t get a prize like this, Shoppers in Toronto were in for a surprise when Mattel Games transformed what looked like a regular poster into a live game that offered surprise Pictionary challenges. Check out the video below, It’s sure to make you smile!

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  • Reply
    October 18, 2014 at 9:47 am

    My Saturday night inspiration right here!

  • Reply
    Linda Kahle
    October 20, 2014 at 2:43 pm

    So fun! Makes me want to have a game party!

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