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5 Yoga Poses To Alleviate Stress with Brandi Rivait Yoga



Find a comfortable seated position and sit up long and tall through your spine.
Take a full, deep, elongated inhale followed by a compressed, slow releasing exhale in and out through your nose.
It only takes a couple deep inhales and exhales to feel the coming effects immediately.
You do not need a quiet space to do this.  You can do this at your desk, in your car, doesn’t matter just breathe deeply!



Heart Opener

Place a pillow under your back just below your shoulder blades.  You can let your head fall back to open your throat or place a pillow under your head to keep the head elevated.  Let your arms relax and feel your chest and ribs lifted.  Breathe deeply into your belly and feel the stretch increase through each inhale and exhale.  Great shoulder and pec opener as well!

brandi-rivait-yoga-studio-tecumseh-windsor-rose-city-style-guide-yoga-pratice-yoga-destress-yoga-unwind-relax-strech-23 brandi-rivait-yoga-studio-tecumseh-windsor-rose-city-style-guide-yoga-pratice-yoga-destress-yoga-unwind-relax-strech-22 brandi-rivait-yoga-studio-tecumseh-windsor-rose-city-style-guide-yoga-pratice-yoga-destress-yoga-unwind-relax-strech-21

Childs Pose

This is the best posture to release lower back tension and tightness through the shoulder blades.  Open the legs and let your torso fall to the floor and bring your head to mat.  Intentionally breathe into your lower back.  Feel your body relaxing through each inhale and exhale!

brandi-rivait-yoga-studio-tecumseh-windsor-rose-city-style-guide-yoga-pratice-yoga-destress-yoga-unwind-relax-strech-15 brandi-rivait-yoga-studio-tecumseh-windsor-rose-city-style-guide-yoga-pratice-yoga-destress-yoga-unwind-relax-strech-12


Twisting is a fantastic way to open your spine and release any tensions through your back and neck.  You can do this in a chair, at your desk or in a car (when you are not driving) lol  Twisting is also incredibly detoxifying.  Take deep breaths while in the pose, make sure you do both sides!


Forward Fold

Hinge forward from your hips and let your head and torso hang down.  Bend your knees to support your lower back.  Place your hands on your elbows, or let them hang down to the ground.  Breathe into your back.  You will get an incredible stretch through the back of your legs, and your back.  This posture is excellent for tight hamstrings, and tight lower back.

brandi-rivait-yoga-studio-tecumseh-windsor-rose-city-style-guide-yoga-pratice-yoga-destress-yoga-unwind-relax-strech-19 brandi-rivait-yoga-studio-tecumseh-windsor-rose-city-style-guide-yoga-pratice-yoga-destress-yoga-unwind-relax-strech-28

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