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saje-wellness-essential-oils-benefits-diffuser-holiday-gift-ideas-rose-city-style-guide saje-wellness-essential-oils-benefits-diffuser-holiday-gift-ideas-rose-city-style-guide saje-wellness-essential-oils-benefits-diffuser-holiday-gift-ideas-rose-city-style-guidesaje-wellness-essential-oils-benefits-diffuser-holiday-gift-ideas-rose-city-style-guide saje-wellness-essential-oils-benefits-diffuser-holiday-gift-ideas-rose-city-style-guide saje-wellness-essential-oils-benefits-diffuser-holiday-gift-ideas-rose-city-style-guidesaje-wellness-essential-oils-benefits-diffuser-holiday-gift-ideas-rose-city-style-guide saje-wellness-essential-oils-benefits-diffuser-holiday-gift-ideas-rose-city-style-guide-brandi-rivait-yoga-1 saje-wellness-essential-oils-benefits-diffuser-holiday-gift-ideas-rose-city-style-guide saje-wellness-essential-oils-benefits-diffuser-holiday-gift-ideas-rose-city-style-guidesaje-wellness-essential-oils-benefits-diffuser-holiday-gift-ideas-rose-city-style-guidesaje-wellness-essential-oils-benefits-diffuser-holiday-gift-ideas-rose-city-style-guide saje-wellness-essential-oils-benefits-diffuser-holiday-gift-ideas-rose-city-style-guide

Essential oils have remarkable therapeutic properties and have been used in traditional cultures for centuries to enhance physical, mental and emotional states of being. But, being new to the essential oil game, I constantly look to my friend Brandi, certified Yoga instructor and medical reiki master for all the ins and outs of natural wellness. From topical treatments to diffusers there are so many ways to feel better naturally!  This week we teamed up with Canadian owned and operated, Saje Natural Wellness, to show how you can live healthier happier lives with 100% natural essential oils.

Simple ways to Incorporate Essential Oils to your Daily Routine from Brandi Rivait

Cleaning products

Most essential oils are antibacterial so make a bend and use in your house instead of chemical cleaning products that are harmful to our skin and lungs and it’s cheaper. But remember, essential oils go a long way.  A couple drops added to a spray bottle will go along way. I use them at the studio as mat cleaner!


Use in a bath to soak your soar muscles, aches, pains, and stress of life away! Your skin is the largest organ, so bathing with oils is an excellent way to absorbed all the benefits the oils have to offer.  Add a cup or two of Himalayan salt for extra relaxation.


Oils are one of the best ways because smelling the oils goes right into our lung which then goes directly into he blood stream.  I have my diffuser going all day long it give the house a great fresh smell and it’s helping my body, and it purifies the air!


You can place essential oils directly onto your body.  Use a carrier oil such as jojoba, avocado, rosehip seed, olive, ect.

Brandi’s Top 5 Essential Oils


Calming soft floral smell, great for stress throughout the day and sleep aid for night.  Use in a bath with a saje bath swish in your home with a diffuser with blends Tranquility or Unwind or Sleep Well roll on before you go to bed and have reap the benefits of a great night sleep! Excellent for skin irritations, bug bites, rashes, enhances blood circulation and great for migraines.

Sweet Orange

Uplifting and fresh citrus smell just like Saje’s Celebrate Diffuser Blend is perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up! It’s also anti-bacterial so add to water in a spray bottle and use as an all natural cleaning agent for floors and surfaces in your home similar to Saje’s Yoga Antibacterial spray.  I also love blending orange with lavender, makes for a great natural perfume.


Strong, grounding and earthy smell, known for its uplifting and anti-depressant properties.  Patchouli is one of the most celebrated oils on the market and is also anti-inflammatory and commonly used in natural deodorants. You can catch it in both Saje’s Get Grounded Soap Bar or their Yoga diffuser blend 

Ylang Ylang

Used in many perfumes and aromatherapy treatments because if it’s pleasing floral fragrance. It has many medicinal properties, anti-depressant, strengthens nervous system, effective in lowering blood pressure, prevents wounds from infection and speeds up healing. It works wonders in Saje’s Floral Crystal Fresh Deodorant or even snag it in thier Ylang Ylang 100% Pure essential Oil


Great for cold and flu dues to its antiseptic, antibiotic and disinfectant properties.  Works great with lavender for sleep like in Saje’s Sleep Well Soothing and Relaxing Kit.  Also great for sore muscles, aches and pains like in Saje’s Pain Release Analgesic Remedy

*It is important to know that you can have a reaction to essential oils.  It may be a good idea to consult with an accredited aromatherapist for any health concerns you may have. Also if you are applying topically try a small patch of skin with a carrier oil before applying to the body. Also if you are pregnant you want to avoid cinnamon, clove, rosemary, and clary sage, all can cause contractions.  Lavender, chamomile, ylang, ylang are all safe to use.  Some doctors may suggest only using essential oils in the second and third trimester.

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