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We can all agree, Parisian girls just get it right when it comes to style and beauty.  So, it’s no surprise that french skin care brand Caudalie hits the mark. The literally combine two things I adore Wine and Beauty products.   In 1993, college sweethearts Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas took a summer job at a family winery in Bordeaux. There, they met Dr.Vercauteren, who introduced them to the natural antioxidant powers of the grape-vine. Inspired by this discovery,the couple developed the world’s first luxury vinotherapy skin care line to use stabilized grape seed polyphenols.

From head to toe, their products scream luxury with their scents and luxe features but actually are in a really reasonable price range.  Caudalie has let me bring a Parisian spa into my home with my fave, the Beauty Elixir where I spritz before my moisturizer or to set my makeup or even the Foot Beauty Cream as a treat for my cracked and dry winter feet.

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