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  • Baby Motherhood

    A Good Night Sleep

    When it comes to talking about baby sleep, I usually want to change the subject.  With our 9-mont-old Finn, we continually postponed sleep training with every excuse we could think of and then…

  • Baby Travel

    Heading to Sunshine

    In less than three weeks, Finn and I are heading to Mexico for some much-needed sunshine. But, even though I am so excited about this little vacation I am completely lost on…

  • Baby Motherhood

    Minted Method Shop

    Even though we may not always agree on bedtime, beans or diaper changes, Finn and I definitely agree on our love for the online boutique, Minted Method Shop! Based in Seattle,…

  • Baby Motherhood

    Infant Essentials

    Sitting pretty at 7 months, our monkey man Finn now eats solids, crawls, babbles and pulls himself up to stand. Our lives have completely changed and it’s safe to say our essentials have…

  • when-we-wear-young-canadian-mom-blogger-rosecitystyleguide-baby-boutique

    When We Wear Young

    For my baby shower, I was gifted a bunch of amazing pieces of clothing for the little man. But, probably because tiny things are so much cuter than the rest, I quickly…

  • Baby lifestyle

    Fresh & Local Baby Food

    Well, it’s official! We have finally started solids. It has been a total game-changer in our household and means a ton of prep time and patience with the little guy. But…

  • Baby

    Beach Days with Little Cottonwood

    I don’t know about you, but we have soaked up every last second of summer over here.  With this hot weather, it is so easy to pretend it’s still August and…

  • solly-baby-wrap-how-to-rosecitystyleguide-baby-wrap-guide
    Baby Motherhood

    Naps On The Go

    Even after we had Finn, our social calendar did not slow down.  With both of us off this past summer, we were out and about visiting and hanging out with family…

  • diaper-bag-essentials-little-unicorn-canadian-rosecitystyleguide
    Baby Motherhood

    What’s In My Diaper Bag

    Okay, this post is so long overdue. I tried to get it done dozens of times, but I hate starting something I know I don’t have time to finish. For this…

  • Baby

    Keepsake Baby Blanket

    Is there anything better than baby smell? The only thing I think that can top it are baby cuddles and I feel like I spend most of my days squeezing Finn…

  • Baby

    Fisher Price

    Looking for your days, weeks or months fly by? Have a baby! The past 2 months with this little nugget have virtually flown by.  I think it’s thanks to my days being filled with…

  • owlet-rosecitystyleguide-canadian-blogger-baby-essentials-newborn-musthaves-review-9
    Baby Motherhood

    A Parent’s Peace of Mind

    Nothing is better when you’re a parent than peace of mind. When were in the hospital for the extra time in the incubator under the lights, I didn’t sleep a wink.…