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Best Hacks for Black Friday at Devonshire Mall


We know in a short period of time you will be beating the crowds this black friday for deals and sales before the holidays hit so we are giving you the best hacks to make the most of your Black Friday at Devonshrie Mall!

Research & Plan

  Make sure you check out Devonshire Mall’s website after 12 noon on the Thursday before Black Friday to get a sneak peek at some of the great deals being offered by Devonshire Mall retailers on Black Friday.  Then be sure to jot down you’re your list of retailers to shop and even take a peek at the store directory and map out a game plan for the early morning shopping spree.  When you arrive at the mall, pick up a “Holiday Guide” as it is not only a directory but filled with contest and event information for the season.

Dress to Win

Black Friday isnt over in a few minutes.  The mall is a busy place and its best to dress as comfortably as possible.  What does that mean?  Sneakers and layers!  Remember some stores like Old Navy and Marks have outside entrances so layers are a great way to combat the chilly outdoors and stay cool as you dash to the next door-buster.

Get Here Early

As always, the early bird catches the worm. This applies to grabbing those door-buster deals. The quantities arent endlessin fact, some stores will only have a couple of units of the door-busters or only a specific amount of giveaways. So, if you were hoping to grab that specific item, getting there early will have you set. Rememeber if your short on time this holiday season there is  Free Gift Wrapping, at the Essex County Community Living Booth located near RW & CO. all day courtesy of Devonshire Mall merchants.

Fuel Up

Running around all morning for the best deals can take a lot out of you physically, and marathon shopping of the Black Friday caliber can easily make you tired and testy, especially if you started at the crack of dawn. Our recommendation? Keep hydrated, full and caffeinated with some Davids Tea, Tim Hortons, Teaopia, Starbucks or Booster Juice. But, dont forget about the full food court steps away!

Divide and Conquer

If your friends or family are also into Black Friday, consider a buddysystem. One can keep a place in line while the other grabs the sales. Plus, spending Black bFriday with someone you know can be fun and make your shopping adventure, even more enjoyable!

So will you be snagging all the deals this Friday! Be sure to share with us your Devonshire Mall Black Friday Experience by using  #Dmallblackfriday

What I will be Shopping this Black Friday at Devonshire Mall

Special thanks to the Made with Lemons gals for helping me with this video!

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