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It’s been over a week since I have been back on that 9-5 grind and man, am I wiped. I really didn’t need any excuse to take some time for a little TLC but with it being national read in the bathtub day it’s a no-brainer.

Both reading and taking a bath for that matter are now complete luxuries since Finn was born, so this combo has me feeling like a queen. Plus now, with the new Kindle Oasis E-Reader, I don’t have to worry about wet pages or ruined electronics (especially after a glass of wine) because it’s waterproof! Before Finn, I would read a book a week, so it’s so nice to indulge and get lost in one of my favourite pastimes while relaxing neck-deep in bubbles.

Each kindle already is great for reading in the sun, so to add that it’s waterproof, you can bet it will be packed for our next getaway. To be honest, I have also already dreamed about bringing this gadget pool and beachside during March break when we head to some much-needed sunshine.

It is no surprise I have been viciously adding to my reading list over the last year.  There are some new ones and ones I enjoyed so much I would love the time to reread.  So for all my readers who love to read, I am sharing with you my reading wish list I will be tackling with my new Kindle Oasis this year. Hope you enjoy!

What books should I add to my reading list? Let me know in the comments below!

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