30 Day Challenge

rosecitystyleguide-30day-challenge-renew=-life-probioticsOver a month ago, I was challenged by a leader in digestive health, Renew Life, to try to live a little healthier lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty healthy to start, but with a 9-month-old on the loose at home, the last thing on my mind was how I can make my day healthier. So, I jumped at the chance to be a little more conscious when it comes to what I put into my body, how much I move and how mindful I am each day.

To kick things off, each morning I started a new probiotic, Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 billion probiotics.  Plus, I become a lot more accountable with the Bellabeat LEAF health tracker.  Besides counting my steps, it would log the amount of meditation, sleep, water intake, menstrual cycle and even stress levels. The constant reminder of the LEAF on my wrist or clipped to my clothes, things got a lot easier to stick with the challenge.

Flash-forward to today, I don’t have any numbers for you in terms of weight, my goal wasn’t really to lose any but, I can say that I am a lot more mindful of my general health and wellness on the daily and try to make strides to up my game each day. Even if it’s doing an extra lap around the mall to get to those 10,000 daily steps those little things go a long way.  My biggest impact? Realizing my stress and anxiety at night about when Finn will wake up next.  Previously, even though I was terribly tired, had a hard time falling asleep thinking any minute Finn would wake up to eat or need comfort.  Sleep training paired with guided meditations with the LEAF really helped me chill out and finally get some sleep.  But also, not to be forgotten, my digestive health is A+ after a month of dedicated use of probiotics even if I through it a few curve balls like one too many glasses of red wine last Saturday night.

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